Affiliate Program

Earn RewardsBe rewarded when you refer friends and family.

We pay you a 15% commission on each referral and they thank you for the great service and support we provide.



To give you a kick start we will credit your affiliate commission account with $10 upon activation!

How does the Affiliate Program work?


You give your friends your unique referral link*

Sign Up

They follow the link to browse our web site and choose a web hosting plan

You Earn

When they complete their order we will pay you 15% of what they spend on their hosting to your commissions account.

* Your unique referral link is available inside the client area once you have activated your affiliate account.

When a visitor clicks on your affiliate link they’ll be taken to marken.com.au and a cookie is saved to their computer.  If the visitor then places an order with the cookie present (the cookie lasts for 3 months) then you will earn the commission.

You host your own web site on our Essentials Hosting Plan that costs $35 per month.

You know of other people that would benefit from a reliable web host that provides great support so you give them your unique referral link* and recommend that they check out Marken Hosting.

They visit the Marken web site and choose a web hosting plan that suits them and place an order.

If they order the Basic Hosting Plan at $18 we would credit your affiliate balance with $2.70 every month for the life of their plan. i.e. 15% of their $18 Basic Hosting plan cost = $2.70.

Every month we credit you $2.70
Your monthly cost is $35.00

$35.00 – $2.70 = your hosting cost is effectively $32.30 per month

The more referrals that sign up the more you’ll earn!

The next person you refer chooses our Premium Hosting Plan so once again we credit your affiliate balance $7.35 every month for the life of their plan. i.e. 15% of their $49 Premium Hosting plan cost = $7.35.

$35.00 – $2.70 – $7.35 = your hosting cost is now just $24.95 per month

By referring just two friends you’re already saving over $10 per month!

The small and important fine print:

  • The Marken Hosting Affiliate Program is available to all current customers that have an active hosting service. No further promotions apply.
  • All hosting plans qualify for the referral program.  Domain name registrations and development services are excluded.
  • You must have $40 or more to make a withdrawal from your affiliate commission account and have it added it as credit to your account balance.
  • Commission payments are available as account credit only – they are not redeemable for cash.  Account credit can be used for hosting costs, domain name registrations and contract development.
  • You must not try to process self referrals as we could block you from the affiliate program.
  • All commissions have a 30 day payout delay to allow for our money back guarantee.